A unique feature of Amethyst is that Health Promotion Programing – or prevention work – is understood as a crucial component of quality care for our community. Health Promotion programing recognizes that not all who use substances or gamble need treatment services but may still benefit from prevention services to decrease their risk of developing problematic or addictive use or gambling. We partner with many community organizations to provide our Health Promotion Programs in various locations throughout the city.
Workshop topics were created based on survey responses from various community organizations where many topics and issues are addressed, recognizing that women often engage in substance use or gambling to cope. These programs explore the complex issues in women’s lives, linking these issues and women’s coping strategies.
Health Promotion Programs are offered in a group format over two weeks (Let’s Talk About…) or several weeks. The goal of the program aims to include health and wellness psychoeducational components, opportunities for participants to share their experiences and connect with others, and concrete strategies and skills for participants to take away from the workshops.

Two-week workshop: “Let’s Talk About”

Topics covered include:

• Stress & Wellness
• Self-Care
• Mindfulness & Acceptance
• Addiction & Stigma
• Acceptance & Letting Go
• Mindfulness & Journaling

8-Week Programs

Topics covered included:

• Self-Esteem (8 weeks)
• Anxiety (8 weeks)
• Assertiveness (8 weeks)
• Stress and Wellness (8 weeks)

We are open to working with community members, assessing their needs, and developing workshops tailored to their needs.