Treatment Program

Our Treatment services at Amethyst address both substance use and gambling and are available in English and French. Services are “outpatient” or community-based, meaning that women live in their own homes while accessing our support. Community-based programming is often very important to women in that women are not always able to go away to residential programming as a result of childcare and employment responsibilities. Furthermore, many women are able to achieve their recovery goals without needing to access residential care.

There are several components to our treatment services: individual counselling, group counselling, and intensive programming. As the first step, women meet with a counsellor for an assessment. During this phase, women work with the counsellor to explore their history of use and/or gambling within the context of their life. The assessment offers the opportunity to determine whether or not Amethyst is the right fit and which components of service the woman will access. As no two women are the same, neither will their experiences be in recovery. As a result, Amethyst works to help women determine how she will best meet her recovery goals.

Treatment services may be accessed for approximately two years. In addition to the above noted components, clients – where appropriate and when available – may also access various follow-up programs, including:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Dynamics
  • Art Days
  • Sexual Abuse Support Program

We also have specialized services in order to provide support for women who are pregnant, parenting, and/or involved with the Children’s Aid Society.