Amethyst’s Treatment Program is a long-term, non-residential, day-treatment program for those living in Ottawa. Services are offered in both English and French. Please note — Amethyst is using a hybrid model, providing both virtual and in person services.

Who we serve

Woman-identified and gender-diverse individuals in the Ottawa area seeking support to address challenges with their substance use or gambling

18 years of age and older

The building is wheelchair accessible

Therapists and staff are committed to offering competent care and safer spaces for folks from diverse communities (including BIPOC LGBTQIA+ communities)

The purpose of Amethyst’s Treatment Program

Amethyst offers support to address the root causes of addiction (substance use and problem gambling) with a special focus on trauma, mental health, and experiences of marginalization and oppression.

Amethyst works to support goals of abstinence or harm reduction.

Individual therapists create treatment plans that are flexible and tailored to the needs and goals of the individual. Treatment plans are created in partnership with those seeking support.

The services Amethyst’s Treatment Program provides

Individual therapy

Regular sessions with a therapist to focus on individual goals regarding substance use, gambling, mental health and trauma.

Amethyst provides group support and workshops for folks waiting to see a therapis.t

Group support

English substance-use drop-in support groups facilitated by therapists are offered several times a week

French substance use drop-in support group facilitated by therapists and counsellors offered 1x a week


Workshops offered on a variety of topics in English and French such as relapse prevention, family dynamics, trauma recovery, and mindfulness

Problem Gambling Program

Individual support and treatment are offered to address challenges with gambling

Sexual Assault Support Program

This program is for woman-identified and gender-diverse individuals who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. It includes a 12-week trauma- focused therapy group

How to access services at Amethyst

Please see our contacts page for additional information about our programs and how best to access Amethyst Services