Substance Use Program

Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre is a warm and welcoming place. I really enjoyed my time with the centre because it didn’t feel clinical. I really liked how they are respectful of anyone that comes there for services and are really willing to meet the client where they are in their healing journey. They showed me such patience while I was on my journey and I’m glad that they did because without their help I wouldn’t have been as successful in my recovery as I am now.

They waited for me to be comfortable and because they were patient I was able to accept myself, learn, begin to start speaking and successfully grow in my recovery. I would highly recommend Amethyst to any women. Thank you!

Substance use client

Problem Gambling Program

Dreams and Wishes can come True.

I spent most of my life believing that dreams and wishes never come true. Back in 2001 everything crashed. I had been going through life totally numb and oblivious to what was going on around me. I had found a way to zone out even further. I discovered Gambling. I had gambled for about a year and had gotten so far in debt, I lost my job, my home and my relationship. Then I found Amethyst.
Amethyst brought me back to life. The amazing Women there nurtured me back to health. They taught me how to make healthy decisions, healthy choices and taught me that I mattered. That my needs and wants were important. They taught me skills that I should have learned growing up, like healthy coping mechanisms, how to take care of myself and that putting my needs forward was not selfish.

Today I have everything I dreamed of in the “WINNING JACKPOT” and it did not come through Gambling. When I stopped gambling back in February 2001 my life began. I have Amethyst to thank for helping me build a life that I could not have dreamed possible. I now have a wonderful job, home and I was able to reconnect and rebuild my relationship. So Dreams and Wishes can come true…

Problem gambling client

Health Promotion Program

I am a 70 year old woman who moved to Ottawa two years ago after working all my life in the business world as an Executive Administrative Assistant. I was always a meek and mild person who didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to defend myself properly and therefore became a doormat for a lot of people. Those people included a domineering mother and father and on to a controlling husband. After 20 years of marriage and 4 children I felt a need to find myself. I moved in with my son to regain control of my finances and regain my health – lose weight and get off anti depressant medication. I could not afford a psychiatrist so I joined the workshop sessions. After the Assertiveness program I signed up for the Anger Solutions program, I found the course to be very effective and not only with the results I achieved but seeing other women there, some were very angry. I saw a change in their attitudes towards the outside world, their stories of how they were unable to control their anger when confronted even with small mundane events of the day. The one on one exercises were sometimes difficult to witness, but oh, how effective they are. I have now signed up for the Stress and Wellness for Women sessions. There are a lot of women like me who get to certain age and have been dumped on all their lives who can find such encouragement and peace from these courses. Most women at this stage are in big financial binds and nowhere to turn. Amethyst provides this space as a valuable resource for women young and old to be safe in revealing our innermost feelings and not be judged or laughed at.

Health Promotion Client