Amethyst is a non-residential, day-program with services for substance use and problem gambling. Our small team of counsellors work with women-identified and gender-diverse individuals to provide free counselling services.

To receive more information and to better understand how to access our services, you should call our Intake Coordinator at (613) 563-0363 or email Amethyst at info@amethyst-ottawa.org. asking for additional detail. (TTY : 613-563-2995)

We will be happy to hear from you and advise you on next steps regarding the referral required to access services from Amethyst.

1) Who can use the services of Amethyst?

Amethyst services are available to women-identified and gender diverse folks living in the Ottawa region who are 18 years of age and over.

2) Is Amethyst a residential program?

Amethyst is a non-residential, day counselling service. We are not a detox centre and do not provide direct crisis services. If you need crisis services or are looking for immediate assistance for residential addiction services please call Service Access to Recovery (SAR) at 613-241-5202. SAR helps clients navigate services and offers assessment and referral services across the region.

3) How much do you charge for counselling?

Amethyst’s counselling services are free. We are funded primarily by Ontario Health, and through small grants and donations.

4) Do you have special protocols in place to ensure safety related to Covid-19?

Amethyst has implemented a hybrid work model and now provides both virtual and in-service counselling to clients. Since March of 2020, the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amethyst has provided virtual services and it’s staff has worked remotely. Now, with public health measures eased, Amethyst continues to apply best practices health and safety measures for its clients and staff. To know more about the protocols we are implementing in our hybrid model of service work, please read this Information Sheet (link to information yet to be provided). Should you have any questions please call at (613) 563-0363 or email Amethyst at info@amethyst-ottawa.org. (TTY : 613-563-2995)