Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre

Helping women build healthier lives

Do you feel that your alcohol or drug use, or gambling habits are out of control? Do you want to stop using or gambling, but don’t know how?
Amethyst is a day treatment centre which offers individual and group counselling as well as other addiction services to women 18 and over.

The Facts

Did you know? Studies consistently indicate that women are less likely to seek treatment than men; approximately 67% of women with substance abuse problems also have concurrent mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, and panic disorders; a large number of women with substance abuse or problem gambling issues have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual violence.


“Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre is a warm and welcoming place. I really enjoyed my time with the centre because it didn’t feel clinical. I really liked how they are respectful of anyone that comes there for services and are really willing to meet the client where they are in their healing journey… ”


This space will launch in the very near future. Our plan is to create an online presence where all women of Amethyst can share their views, their analysis, or more generally, information and resources that they think would be useful to our community. That sharing could include books, online resources, events, and much more. Limited only by our imagination.